Al Bahya Private School, established in Abu Dhabi, offers a quality of educational program that provides opportunities to put up skills to thousands of students starting with Kindergarten and continuing through Sixth Grade.

Selecting the appropriate school for your child is the most vital contribution you will make to your child.

Our school offers a warm, caring place for your child to mature, be trained and learn. Providing children with opportunity to develop independence, increase pride in their academic abilities and exceptional character, get the most out of their creative potential while learning to value the world around them.

Our parents value education and support the school with their time and talents. Since then we pompously educated thousands of children, many of whom grow up and enroll the next generation of their family unit in our agenda.

The helpful staffs and quality of curriculum further differentiate our school from other school would-be competitors. We provide a community where achievement, character development and academic are equally important aspects of the total educational experience.

At Al Bahya Private School, your child will thrive in an outstanding academic program that thoroughly prepares students for success at university and beyond…


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